A modular ROK house
The Guardian

Can modular homes solve the UK’s housing crisis?

Emerging players in the construction sector are introducing greater numbers of factory-built homes into the UK market, but experts say this needs to be accompanied by industry-wide reform

David Trew’s farm, Mora, New Mexico

Landscape with Beavers

In the American West, beavers are gaining a reputation as environmental engineers who can help restore water systems …

The Hotel Cinema in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv – A City Full of Bauhaus Wonder

The influence of Bauhaus, born only 10 years after the founding of the city, spreads across it in buildings favoring utility over aesthetics

Hudson Yards
Failed Architecture

The suddenly infamous megadevelopment of Hudson Yards may not just be a crisis for architecture and urbanism

The political climate has changed significantly since construction began on Hudson Yards in early 2015, and perhaps it’s too simple to criticize …


Why Do Leading Architects Now Prefer Granite Over Everything Else?

Granite is not just the most durable natural stone in construction, but it’s also a gorgeous stone to work with in architecture