Richard Meier steps down after harassment allegations

Richard Meier
Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners
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Richard Meier & Partners Architects announced that it had promoted their long-standing design leader Bernhard Karpf to Managing Principal of their New York office and Michael Palladino will be in charge of the firm’s West Coast office in Los Angeles. This came after it was announced that Richard Meier will step back from day-to-day activities and continue to support the leadership transition of the firm he founded in 1963.

In a statement this week, RCP stated:

Richard Meier & Partners Architects today announced that it has promoted Bernhard Karpf to Managing Principal of the New York office of the world-renown architecture firm. Mr. Karpf will manage the firm, spearhead new business development and position the company for future growth and success. The firm also announced the promotion of Vivian Lee, Reynolds Logan and Dukho Yeon to Principals. They will be responsible for new business, and design and project execution.

This announcement contradicts what Meier said in a phone interview to the New York Times in September. “I’m back at work later this month,” he said. “I’m still at the top. I have no plans to retire.”

Last March, several women accused Meier of sexual harassment and assault, as well as describing how the firm was looking the other way. After this Meier took a six-month leave of absence and left Vivian Lee, Reynolds Logan, Dukhho Yeon, and Bernhard Karpf to oversee the firm’s New York Office and Michael Palladino to oversee work in Los Angeles.

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