TLI House by Architettura Matassoni

TLI House by Architettura Matassoni
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The daily activities are not divided in a rigid way in different moments, the thought is fluid and elastic, the space’s perception is continuous and dynamic, so architecture have to be fluid, without too schematisms, rigid divisions and multifunctional as much as possible.

This is the main effort of the project for the renovation of a flat within an early seventies block of apartments, despite the quite small surface!

To make the most of this scarce area, without the possibility to modify the perimeter walls (as a common property) and, at the same time, to satisfy the needs of a four people family group stimulating a contemporary life style, is difficult.

So, every blind partition, if not strongly necessary, has been avoided to don’t intercept the space’s flow and, as much as possible, the different functional zones have been defined articulating the horizontal surfaces in a whole opened environment.

TLI House by Architettura Matassoni

The ceiling is the protagonist and transforms the small environment in a dynamic manner, speeding the space’s flow up or slowing it, depending on the different functional situations.

The artificial light becomes a way through which to sculpt architectural shape and space, emphasizing its “movements”.

The connection surfaces are multifunctional and work like a filter, but also like a wardrobe and wide sliding doors can be used like walls concealed, transforming the spatial effect according with different life needs.

Project Details:
Location: Arezzo, Italy
Area: 94 sqm
Architects: Architettura Matassoni

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