4 Home Styles To Fall For

4 Home Styles To Fall For
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If you are thinking of building or buying a new home, you may be wondering what style of home you want to invest in for you and your family. Your home should reflect your own unique sense of self and style… and these trending designs, like those from IFN Modern, are the perfect place to start dreaming about your perfect space.

Colonial Americana
If this home looks familiar, it is because you have already saw it many times on the big screen. Think Father of the Bride, the family dream house… the space where all your best memories happen. Colonial homesteads are the perfect portrait of the American dream. Synonymous with white picket fences and mid century furniture, accent your new colonial with traditional classic accents that create an authentic look with all the comforts of home.

Valiant Victorian
One of the most easily recognizable home styles on thr market today, the Victorian home is rich in history and an era gone by. A brain child of the 1830s, these homes were built for outer appearances, intricate designs and eye appeal. Think delicate accents and Victorian era furniture like accent chairs with intricate feet.

Cozy Cottages
A storybook home reminiscent of your favorite fairytale, cottages are the perfect space for the artistic family to hang their hat. Decorate your cottage in hues dripping with sunshine and furniture rich with plush comfort to really make this delightful home style come to life. Keep landscapes peppered with wildflowers for an out-in-the-meadow feeling that puts you at the center of nature’s crayon box.

Historical Farmhouse
A farmhouse elicits feelings of home, bringing back memories of a Southern upbringing. Pay homage to the farmhouse’s country roots with weathered breakfast tables, wooden bar stools and chicken wired cabinet accents to house your grandmother’s fine china. You can also bring in other elements such as hand stitched quilts for the back of your favorite chair and vintage chalkboards for your kitchen.

From charming cottages to classic colonials, these popular home styles have what it takes to be the house of your dreams. The key is being open to a handful of styles and taking the time to really analyze the market. You just might fall in love with the underdog.

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