Abrolhos Films by triaarquitetura

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Project Details:

Type: Commercial| Interiors

Architect: triaarquitetura

Location: Brazil

Address: São Paulo

Program: Offices

Area: 283 m2

Photographer: Julia Ribeiro

Located at a privileged address in São Paulo, this film producer agency takes place at a really interesting building: Corujas.

This Project reflects the company profile. A flexible layout was asked by the client, reason why all the working tables have wheels. The absence of office partitions and walls also allows that the employees enjoy the beautiul view, which is very rare in the city of São Paulo.

The owner’s office is all made in Glass, and is also the meetings room. The terraces allow film exhibitions and informal meetings. The big bookcase was designed to receive all costumes and accessories used in the shootings, but also to bring some privacy to the place.

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