Why Do Leading Architects Now Prefer Granite Over Everything Else?

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Particularly in the United States, most reputed architects will suggest the use of natural stone, and especially granite, as a building material. There are actually multiple reasons as to why famous architects prefer granite in particular, and we are going to discuss a few of them so that you can make a more informed decision as well.

Granite is in Vogue Again

Granite is not just the most durable natural stone in construction, but it’s also a gorgeous stone to work with in architecture. Just take a look at these amazing examples of granite in architecture by Kafka to get an idea of what we are talking about here. The modern iterations of granite into architecture don’t involve laminate imitations like it did in the late 80s and 90s mind you; we are talking about the genuine natural stone this time around.

Granite is Super Tough and Long Lasting

Marble floors can look quite amazing when finished properly, but they are porous and are soft enough to erode, crack or break through regular use. Granite, on the other hand, is impermeable when used in slabs and remains unaffected under normal use for decades, if not centuries. In fact, granite’s ability to withstand cold, heat and rain is evident in the ancient temple of Brihadisvara in India, which is made completely out of granite and stands mostly unscathed even after 1000+ years. Be it external walls, driveways or kitchen countertops, architects know that there is no natural stone tougher than granite.

Granite is Beautiful

Not only is granite tough and long lasting, it is also a beautiful natural stone. The classy stone looks and feels premium from every aspect and there are so many variations of the stone as well. Depending on the composition and the percentage of the minerals it contains (feldspar, biotite, muscovite, quartz), granite can come in a whole range of colors and patterns for architects to work with. There is White Supreme, Agatha Black, Blue Bahia, Del Mare, Bordeaux and various other variations to choose from and match with your décor.

Granite isn’t Always Expensive

Granite isn’t exactly cheap, but due to the presence of multiple quarries all across the United States, it is possible to obtain granite from local quarries at a reasonable rate these days. Besides, there are various grades of granite, and while all of them are similar in strength, the price varies from affordable to premium based on the kind of designs, colors and patterns they exhibit. Therefore, choosing granite for interior/exterior décor or construction without exceeding the total budget is quite possible. However, the best part about granite is that it is a cost-effective material that requires minimum maintenance and can literally last for thousands of years.

To conclude, architects prefer granite over other natural stone, and even most artificial materials, because it’s durable, beautiful and cost-effective. As the year 2019 moves forward, we can expect to see even more architects putting out brilliant structures and designs based on granite construction and décor.


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