5 Ways to save money when moving on a tight budget

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Moving to another town or another country is a great experience to have. However, the moving experience can be pretty daunting, especially for first-time movers. It is really a pain in the neck experience, especially if there are a lot of things to move. The cost of moving to one place will even be greater when the distance is longer.

Depending on your new place, the cost of living might be higher and lower than before. Saving money should take priority, especially if a new job is still a concern. Moving services can be attractive for people who want fewer hassles and wants to move their things fast. Paying for moving services can be an unattractive option for some people because of its cost. There are instances that DIY moving is a better option. However, for those who don’t have a more practical means of moving, you can still save money in using moving company services such as Allied Movers. Here are the five things you can do to save money in moving your things.

1. Time your moving date properly

Timing is everything when it comes to moving. You must take into consideration how long it will take to pack your things, handle all the paperwork, and acquire the help of the movers. The best time to do the moving is during a random weekday. The logic for this is because most people schedule their moving during the end of the month, end of the week, or end of the year. Moving companies will have more customers to attend and will have higher prices during these times.

Meanwhile, the movers will have lesser customers to deal with on weekdays. During these times, you can try and strike a deal and save money in your moving. Also, avoid moving during the summer season because the demand will be higher during this time. Also, make sure that you already have a new residential area in your new place. Staying at a hotel can be an option, but it will give you more expenses.

2. Use used boxes and garbage bags in moving

This method will only save you a few dollars, but every dollar counts when you’re moving with a tight budget. Boxes and other packing materials can be bought in the store. However, there are options that will let you get them for free. You can visit local businesses and ask if they have spare boxes that they do not use anymore.

As for your clothes, a thrash bag is way cheaper than a wardrobe box and also does the job perfectly. After moving, you can sell the boxes at stores or to people who need them. If you still need them after moving, then at least you’re able to get them for free.

3. Consider hybrid moving

Hybrid moving is combining DIY moving, or other ways of moving, with moving company services. One of the best examples of this is when you’re moving your library to another place. Books and other paper documents are heavy, and heavier stuff costs more. Take all the books you urgently need in the move and move your other books through different means, like USPS for example. A 20-pound box of books will only cost $11.55 to ship.

4. Sell your stuff online

Don’t bother selling your stuff in a garage sale or personal sale. These will only take a bulk of your time. On top of prioritizing your move, you also need to take care of some things, and a lot of those things requires time. Instead, take a picture of your things and sell them online. Not only will it save you time and effort, but you will also have better options in price and availability.

5. Help the mover in every way possible

You might want to make sure that your movers will have an easier time during their operations. Be smart in packing, consider which items will not fit easily through doors or gates and disassemble those items. Be sure to save a parking spot for them on the day of their operations. Carry in the things you can carry with you in your car or your commute. Take note of the interior of your place and move everything that’s in the way of your movers. And last but not least, if you’re going to move to a place where an elevator is installed, you might want to get permits to use the elevator for your moving. This is because movers’ services are charged per hour. The quicker they are able to finish their jobs, the less you’ll have to pay.

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