Hastag, a tree of ideas

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Hastag, a tree of ideas

Designed by Ernesto Trapanese, Hastag is a free-standing metal piece of furniture comprising a vertical bar onto which between 1 and 5 shelves can be magnetically attached and adjusted to the desired position.

Creativity with no limits
Available in two different heights, 82.2 cm and 136.6 cm, Hastag is an item of interior décor that blends in seamlessly with various settings around the home and which, owing to its original versatility, can have several functions: storage unit, plant pot, multi-tier bedside storage to replace traditional bedside cabinets or tables, a vertical bookcase, an original coffee table to place beside the sofa, and much more still.

Hastag, a tree of ideas

Patented system
Magnetic and electronic objects can even be stored trouble-free on the shelves, because a safe screening system has been incorporated. The maximum capacity of each Hastag shelf is 5 kg and it cannot change. The shelves don’t slide along the central rod thanks to a patented Ronda Design system.

Hastag is available in natural iron with transparent varnish and white painted sheet metal.

Product Details:
Name: Hastag
Manufacturer: Ronda Design
Design: Ernesto Trapanese
Materials: iron and painted metal
Colours: natural iron with transparent varnish and white painted sheet metal


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