2018 MOVEMENT Call for Ideas

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The 2018 Movement Call for Ideas seeks ideas on the human connection to place. Using the new Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) project in Calgary as a platform for new ideas, the call aims to rethink the present and future of transportation.

As technology advances continue to transform mobility, considerations of sustainable, economic, inclusive and accessible options for urban living are something not to be considered lightly. Public infrastructure and the systems that we create to facilitate movement within the urban realm are a design responsibility of human concern.

What is the relationship between the animate and inanimate as we define how we move? Can our children move freely and we feel that they are safe? How can a person with cognitive challenge get to a transit stop on their own? How do we begin to understand the Indigenous pre-railway history of this landscape? How do we ensure that design reflects and advances an inclusive city? What physical barriers might we shed?

This call seeks ideas that explore how we move today and how, as humans, we will move tomorrow.

Overall Winner: $5,000 (CAD)
Seven Category Awards at $1,500 (CAD)

This is an ideas competition aimed at generating conceptual thought and provocative thinking. The ideas will become part of a platform for conversation and debate. All winning ideas will be exhibited to the public and part of a series of discussions as well as published online and in print.

How to enter
This call is open to the public. Anyone is invited to submit an idea. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.

There is no limit to the number of team members on an entry. However, individuals may not register for more than ONE team.

No member of the Jury or the Advisory Committee, nor the respective professional partners of the foregoing are eligible to submit to the competition. The City of Calgary employees and d.talks staff are ineligible to apply.

PRE-REGISTRATION (By October 31st): $25 CAD
REGISTRATION (By November 18): $55 CAD

For more information visit Movement

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