Oxygen Park, Education City, Doha by AECOM

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Project Details:

Type: Public Architecture

Architect: AECOM

Location: Qatar

Address: Doha

Program: Park

Photographer: Markus Elblaus

Taking the elemental life-force of oxygen as its inspiration, Oxygen Park, is a unique public space designed for health and wellbeing in a desert environment. It has been created with the local community in mind, providing an open space in which to exercise, rest, and play.

 Oxygen Park, Education City, Doha by AECOM
© Markus Elblaus

Oxygen Park is inspired by the wind eroded rocks and fluid land formations of the desert. The path and running tracks are embedded in the topography to create an exciting training ground with looping tracks, cooled tunnel segments, and steep hills.

The night-time lighting scheme and refreshing water features provide an attractive setting for evening sports activities and individual work-outs during cooler hours of the day.

 Oxygen Park, Education City, Doha by AECOM
© Markus Elblaus

Oxygen Park features shaded running tracks, subterranean pitches for team sports, equestrian facilities, as well as more gentle recreation areas with a series of soundscape-filled, refreshing folly spheres.

The ‘balloon lights’ floating above the subterranean grounds make the park visible from afar and add a touch of magic to the setting.

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