Nedap Transforms Libraries with Intelligent Shelves

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This month multiple Canadian libraries were equipped with intelligent shelves. The shelves detect and identify all books that are placed on the bookstands using radio frequency-identification (RFID). Installing RFID solutions within the libraries creates a better flow for visitors and make it easier to return books. The shelves, designed by the Dutch based company Nedap, are a significant transformation in design and technology for libraries.

Nedap Transforms Libraries with Intelligent Shelves

Keeping libraries the civil centers of society

Five Canadian libraries in Trois Rivières are equipped with the newest RFID technology of Nedap. Erik Veurman, Industrial Designer Nedap: “The design aims to make the process in libraries as simple as possible. The books are immediately available for the following visitor upon return.”

Nedap Transforms Libraries with Intelligent Shelves

The intelligent shelves are situated near the entrance of the library and therefore easily accessible for visitors. They place their books on the shelf and the items are automatically checked-in in the management system. Shawn Korin of iMotion Security installed the project in Canada: “With Intelligent Shelves we have reduced the menial and repetitive tasks librarians need to perform and simultaneously added a positive experience to the visitors of the library. Visitors are engaged and compare it with magic when their book title appears on the screen.” The intelligent shelves come in a modular and modish design that can be integrated in existing library furniture or delivered with Nedap designed furniture.

Nedap Transforms Libraries with Intelligent Shelves

Putting design first: Winner Red Dot Award

Since Nedap has put a heavy focus on design the company’s global network has grown by 90 percent. Nedap Library Solutions has been awarded with the Red Dot Design award for its MidRanger, a 13.56MHz RFID reader for libraries with an ultra slim design. The reader is the core of many service solutions in libraries and can be laid on top of a desk or mounted below one. The flowing stainless steel design allows visitors to easily slide books over the robust reader. The solid weight and rubber feet ensure the product does not move when the product is used. Veurman: “The combination of beautiful materials and a thin feel of the product make it a well thought-out solution that beautifully fits any library environment.” The official Red Dot Award ceremony and the presentation of the jury report will take place on July 3rd in Essen, Germany.


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