‘Surround yourself with sound, not wires’ – the Idea behind The New HEOS AVR

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‘Surround yourself with sound, not wires’: that’s the idea behind the stylish new HEOS AVR, the latest addition to the renowned Denon range of AV receivers. With striking style and the ability to deliver a surround sound experience without cables, the Denon HEOS AVR is set to revolutionise home theatre. With simple setup and operation, this elegant machine has it all – simplicity, extraordinary sound and a versatile appearance to compliment any home.


The HEOS AVR has won gold at the European Product Design Awards in the category Media and Home Electronics. The official jury said:

For decades audio companies have taken the same conventional design approach in AV Receivers. HEOS AVR is a lifestyle Hi Fidelity audio product that breaks the old mold and pushes for a truly advanced AVR Design with simple mobile app based UX and built with beautiful cast and extruded aluminium housings […]

Following the Iconic HEOS design language, the HEOS AVR celebrates the Denon heritage of premium sound and audio in a product that the new generation of power users will be proud to own and display.


The Hub of Home Theatre

Connected to the TV and driving the loudspeakers in a home cinema system, AV receivers are responsible for receiving audio/video signals – the hub of home theatre. With little innovation in AV receiver design in recent years, the HEOS AVR is a breath of fresh air, breaking the mold from the conventional ‘black box’ design and looking like the future of lifestyle AV receivers. Unlike anything else in the home theatre world, the HEOS AVR is modern, sleek and slimline in design, yet it encompasses the same expertise and technology revered by Denon enthusiasts worldwide.


Puristic Performance

The Denon HEOS AVR revolutionises home cinema, combining flexibility, ease of use and superb performance, all in a sleek aluminium chassis carefully crafted to create a statement in any living room. Cutting out the clutter with no front-panel display, no complicated array of buttons and connections and only a single control knob on the front, the AVR exudes simplicity.


Easy Access to Full Entertainment

Constructed with versatility and simplicity in mind, the Denon HEOS AVR is ultra-simple to set up, controlled through the HEOS app from initial setup to multi-room control. Communicating wirelessly with speakers from the HEOS range from Denon, the HEOS AVR offers 5.1 surround sound, without the wires. It can even be integrated into an existing, whole-house music system to achieve a complete multi-room experience.

As well as delivering your favourite TV shows and movies in thrilling surround sound, the HEOS AVR can stream music from your home computer or online services such as Napster, Spotify Connect and Tidal for limitless entertainment.


Additional HEOS speakers can be added to the system at any time with a few taps on the HEOS app. You can play different music in every room, or bring the whole house together for a party, playing the same tune in every room. You can also stream music directly from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.


At a glance

Denon HEOS AVR 5.1ch Surround Receiver – Key Features and Advantages:

  • Combines up to 5.1ch top-class surround sound with the ease-of-use of a soundbar
  • Wireless surround channels using a pair of any HEOS speakers
  • Unique industrial design with aluminium chassis and HEOS family style
  • 5x 100 W powerful class D amplification capable to drive your favourite speakers
  • Latest HDMI and 4K UltraHD compatibility with 4 HDMI inputs
  • HEOS music streaming and multi-room technology built-in
  • Intuitive app-based set-up and operation; additional compact remote control
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