Tony Adam’s Barbershop by OOOOX

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Project Details:

Type: Commercial

Architect: OOOOX

Location: Czech Republic

Address: Prague

Program: Retail

Year: N/A

Area: 133 sq.m.

Photographer: BoysPlayNice

Text description provided by the architects

Concept/colour scheme/materials – the aim is to create a manly interior, both with the colour scheme and the materials. Static modifications have already been implemented in the current space. Massive steel transoms were the right element for an ideal manly industrial. The position of these load-bearing elements defined the whole layout of the space. The steel elements have been supplemented with natural oak furniture, combed plaster and retro tiles.

Tony Adam’s Barbershop by OOOOX
© BoysPlayNice

Layout – the delimited space allowed division of individual functions without notable structural interventions. The support facilities are located behind the bar, a toilet is accessible from the guest area. There is the entrance part with a bar which is connected to the main area with barber chairs followed by a separating corridor with products and a toilet accessible from this corridor. The last area is again a room with barber chairs and washing counters.

Bar – designed of solid beams with irregularly finished side edges. The elevated steel counter hides the bar operation and the mass also serves as a foot support. There is an old leather sofa opposite the bar, which serves as a reference to the classical American barber’s shops.

Tony Adam’s Barbershop by OOOOX
© BoysPlayNice

Shaving counters – are made of two steel girders to which a washbasin is installed. There is a faucet from the floor passing between them. The girders carry wooden planks for putting down cosmetics. Sockets for electric shavers and hair dryers are hidden in the rear edges of the girders. Each shaving place is equipped with high-quality Sicilian handmade adjustable chair in retro design with red leather. The walls behind the mirrors are scraped off to the plaster and there is always a mirror across the whole wall. The floors in the shaving area are designed in concrete screed.

Tony Adam’s Barbershop by OOOOX
© BoysPlayNice

Product corner – individual shaving areas are divided with a dark corridor which serves for presenting cosmetic products. A toilet for guests is accessible from this part behind a glass dividing wall. Surfaces in this area have been chipped to the bricks and painted black. There are unobtrusive bars serving for hanging coats in front of the glass dividing wall. The floor in this part consists of distinctive geometric retro floor tiles.

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