Creative Ways to Renovate Your Home

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When the time comes to do some renovation work in your home you can really let your creative juices flow. Whatever it is that you are after, you need to approach it with a mindset of limitless possibilities, whether you want more space, more beauty, more storage or even more rooms, there are many cool and creative ways in which you can do so and we have got some crackers for you. I had some extensive renovation work done last year and I used a custom homes company who completed the work to a high standard and they were also on hand to give me some very creative suggestions, check out to see what they are all about, I’d recommend them highly. Here then are some of the ideas that we played with when we got

Loft and Basement

Not only do the lot and basement present incredible opportunities to add more space and rooms to your home, they are also proven to help to increase the value or your property. More often than not, loft and basement spaces remain an unused part of the household and even if you do use them for storage, you can turn them into rooms which still present a lot of storage opportunity for you.

Consider Going Up

If you don’t have a great deal of space surrounding your property then that doesn’t mean that an extension is out of reach. You can always look at adding an extra floor in your property to get the space that you are after. As long as the additional height does not block the views of your neighbors, you can get the space that you want despite your limited surroundings.

Conservatory Room

Conservatories are great assets to a home but far too often they are considered as exterior spaces, you can incorporate your conservatory into the home by turning it into part of the house as opposed to it being an adjoining room. You will need to add some extra insulation and knock through the connecting wall but the result will be an open room with lots of natural light.

Lower The Seating

Add space and coziness to your living room with a lowered seating area, best placed in the middle of fetch room, this kind of seating plan can revolutionize your living space. It is best to pick out your sofas first so that you can get the right scale for your lowered floor area and once it is complete the room will feel more open and far more comfortable.

Use The Stairs

The space underneath the staircase is often criminally underused and you can make the most of it a number of ways. You could use it for storage, turn it into a little book nook, place shelving underneath for books and ornaments or even use the space for a little dog’s home. The options are limitless and if you are not already using this space then you are wasting an opportunity.


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