Signs Your House Needs A New Roof

Signs Your House Needs A New Roof
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Signs Your House Needs A New Roof

Small leaks appearing in your roof will usually be repaired really fast but if you do not do the work at the right time or you are faced with serious problems, roof replacements may be necessary. In many situations people realize that a new roof is needed way too late. If you want to make a good choice, Westchase Roofing offers information about the main signs that the house needs a brand new roof below.

Roof Age

Old roofs do not necessarily need to be changed but when you have an older roof you do have to at least inspect it. Based on the materials that were used, an average roof life expectancy is of around twenty to twenty five years. When you live in an area that has high humidity or heavy snowfall, life expectancy will be quite shorter. One of the best ways to identify roof structure integrity is hiring contractors that handle inspections. Aging signs can easily be identified by the professionals.

The Presence Of Valleys

A roof valley is a small dip noticed among shingles, shingles and wood or a sagging spot. Something like this happens when rafters are deteriorated. In many cases the cause is high humidity or really heavy snowfall. Rafters simply start rotting. When roof valleys appear, rainfall enters the home. Damaging leaks appear. As time passes, harmful mold growth appears so replacements may be needed.

Shingles That Deteriorate

Are roof shingles now looking buckle, curled or simply fall off? This is something that will not instantly be noticed because shingles are normally overlapped. When there are granules that appear in gutters or a shingle slipped off completely, the problems you are faced with are quite major. The roof shingle is a really important part of your roof. There is a life expectancy and replacements will surely be necessary. If you have shingles that are deteriorated, you have to be sure that you contact a roofing professional to do the needed work.

Off-Brand Materials Are Used

In order to offer a lower bid and cut costs, some contractors will use materials that are of a lower quality than needed. When you know that the previous homeowners used lower quality materials or when you see that this is the case, it is time to contact a quality contractor for the needed tests. Unfortunately, if the quality is bad, the roof will be drastically affected in terms of overall reliability.

Appearance Of Daylight Inside Your Attic

When the roof is properly built, daylight will not appear in your attic. The only way in which light should enter is that when a window is present. If you see light shafts appearing between the boards, roofing supports are affected by a serious problem. In a similar way to the above mentioned valleys, excessive moisture or bad attic ventilation can cause the problem. Rot surely appears so solving the problem as soon as possible is always going to be something that you consider.

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