HI!GO Hostel & Suites by MADE

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From the architects: HI!GO Hostel & Suites, is the first hostel to be built in the small town of Famalicão, Portugal. Being a town with a lot of industry, the average user are clients or consultants of big industrial companies, therefore, it was important to design a hostel that served this purpose.

Located on the ground floor of a residential building, it was important for the design to stand out from the surrounding, and at the same time create a sense of comfort and recognizable memory once inside.

The design of the arches aimed exactly for that, to give a sense of belonging even if it was the first time setting foot in the hostel, also, it was a way to bring an outside element inside of the building, creating an interesting narrative of walking up the stairs to the rooms and crossing the arches as a statement of transition inside an otherwise indistinct space.

Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal
Area: 330 sqm
Architects: MADE
Architects in charge: Venâncio Mendanha, José Mendanha

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