Meble VOX sklep / Meble VOX store by mode:lina

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Project Details:

Type: Commercial

Architect: mode:lina

Location: Poland

Address: Poznań Plaza shopping mall / Centrum Handlowe Poznań Plaza

Program: Retail

Year: N/A

Area: 110 m2

Photographer: Marcin Ratajczak

A change is a moment when you have the courage to think in a diferent way. Human needments are being changed at on unprecedented pace

Meble VOX decided to open up to a new form of trade in shopping malls. Designers from mode:lina architekci helped them to realize the idea of global creative thinking about the consistent VOX brand.

Meble VOX sklep / Meble VOX store by mode:lina architekci
© Marcin Ratajczak

The change was tremendous. The huge space of showrooms had to be changed for small shop spaces in shopping malls.

The architects, thanks to a market survey, designed a clear functional scheme. The wide passage gives ease of motion and the rooms situated along it are a furniture exhibition. There are a lot of home accessories in the passage to buy.

The shop front resembles home thanks to the characteristic structure. It attracts the client’s attention and stands out from the other shops.

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