How to Make Your Front Yard a Social Space

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Back gardens, no matter what their size, are often seen as social spaces. Even small patios are used to entertain guests, or to relax with our families. Yet, while we often take pride in our front yards, as they welcome people into our homes, we don’t often use them. This is a fantastic space that could be utilized. There is no reason why your front yard can’t be an enjoyable social space.

How to Make Your Front Yard a Social Space

Add Table and Chairs

If you have a large space, an open patio area can be a great addition. However, even if space is tight, adding a corner pergola can be a great way of adding a hangout area to your front yard. A corner pergola is an excellent idea if you want to be able to sit out in your yard all year around, as its flat roof can be easy to cover. You could even add a small barbeque to the space if you want to get more use out of it.

Keep it Open

Having an open space is great if you like your neighbors, and you want to create some old-fashioned street spirit. Sitting in your front yard in view of the street, chatting to people as they walk past, is a fantastic way to get to know people. Why not invite them for a drink or a sit down? Who knows, these small acts could have a positive effect on your whole community.

Add Some Privacy

If you’re not so keen on the idea of everyone being able to see you, but still want to use the space, make it a bit more private. There are a few options here. You could add some fencing, or walls. Or, block the world from view with some high plants and trees. It really depends on how private you want things to be.


Decking is frequently used in the back yard, but rarely in the front. If you have a porch, it’d be easy to just extend out if you have the space. Add a seating area and some lighting. Decking at the front of your house can look really good, as well as being welcoming and approachable.

Utilize Your Porch

If you don’t have a front yard, or it’s too small to do anything with, but you have got a porch, make the most of it. You could easily add a small table and chairs, or even a porch swing. We often see people in old TV shows or films, sat out on their porch with the neighbors. Yet, this doesn’t seem to happen much in real life anymore. If you don’t want the neighbors round, just sit out there with your partner and a hot chocolate in the evening. Use it as a space to relax and unwind, away from life’s stresses.

Converting your front yard doesn’t need to be a huge task, it can be achieved with a few simple changes. Whether you choose to use the space as somewhere to entertain guests, get to know your neighbors, or just to spend time with your family, don’t let the space go to waste. Make the most of it.


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