Genesis P-Orridge’s Moonchild

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Unearthed esoterica from video art and industrial music pioneer Genesis P-Orridge ahead of a new documentary on his longstanding project, Psychic TV.

Director Jacqueline Castel is working on A Message from the Temple, the first feature-length documentary about Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY), a fellowship started by experimental music and video art group Psychic TV, known for their innovative use of video and involvement in ritual ceremony—seen here in Moonchild, a film directed by frontman and industrial music pioneer Genesis P-Orridge. Here, Los Angeles-based Castel talks about the project:

“Moonchild is a long lost gem in the canon of esoteric cinema. The title references a 1923 novel by Aleister Crowley, and Genesis originally stated of the film, ‘Moonchild is a spell, to create a new person or a new stage in people, through compassion and through thought, and it’s a construct, just like a spell is.'” […]

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