Machined by Buster + Punch

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Machined by Buster + Punch

‘Machined’ is a range of solid metal plates that have been skillfully machined from 6mm brass and steel to accommodate interior accessories, including – Candelabra, flower vase, whisky glasses, fragrance diffuser and a simple tray.

They can be displayed individually or placed side by side to make a stunning table display.

Machined by Buster + Punch
MAC H I N E D / Fragrance Diffuser

Machined plate with fragrance Diffuser in collaboration with Haeckels. Made out of brushed solid STEEL or BRASS and comes complete with a bottle of bespoke fragrance oil and a handmade ceramic puck.

Machined by Buster + Punch
MACHINED / Fragrance Diffuser

With it’s porous material, once a few drops of the fragrance have been added, they act as a natural diffuser for the interior fragrance.

Machined by Buster + Punch

MACHINED plate made out of brushed solid STEEL or BRASS comes complete with 6 tall candle holders.


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