Panorama – Copycat Club

Concrete buildings and industrial machineries populate Berlin skies for latest Copycat Club single. Directed by Marta Gobbi, this music video exploits an unusual point of view to emphasized unexplored, and still ordinary, aspects of the city.

According to the director, this work depicts a city in its unstoppable development, constantly reshaping its own structure and skyline. As she states:

First time I heard Panorama I couldn’t help thinking about Berlin’s panorama: living in the city, you cannot really avoid a direct contact with its constant changing, embodied in the huge amount of construction sites. It is so intensely populated by cranes and industrial machinery, spread all over the city, that we totally got used to their presence, perceiving them as a living essential part of the landscape. In Panorama’s video we keep our heads up to the sky, in between buildings, viewers of these metal creatures that interact with each other and with their surroundings.

Marta Gobbi works in Berlin as a photographer and videomaker. After graduating at IED in Rome, she focused on architectural and interior photography, presenting her photos at several exhibitions in the German capital. Since 2013 she joined different projects, including “Glitch Berlin”, combining the use of different media in her work.
Copycat Club, stage name of Diego Parravano, is a synthpop music project based in Berlin. Known for his work on “Ganz Berlin”, Copycat Club came to life in 2013, initially as a solo guitar project, then moving to more electronic sounds through the discovery of old analog synthesizers, most of which manufactured by East Germany brands. On May 31st he released his debut album “Death to the Copycat Club”, a collection of memories and impressions on Berlin. The project is completely self-produced and gathers together several independent artists working on artworks, videos, promotion and web developing.
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