Daybed Vela Vondom by Ramon Esteve

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Daybed Vela Vondom by Ramon Esteve

This Daybed is an exterior bed that complete the VELA collection. Its design follows the aesthetic criteria of the rest of the parts that make up the compilation. The VELA bed reclines individually, both parts, of the head and feet, are padded and it includes a built-in ice bucket in the central part. The daybed in an appealing round version, is the latest reference to this family full of style.

Daybed Vela Vondom by Ramon Esteve

When combined with the aluminum VELA gazebo, it offers several possibilities. The gazebo is an element of prismatic light with a translucent curtain that glides on and stays fixed in various positions. The set targets and moves easily, thanks to the incorporation of wheels that rotate 360 degrees.

System of Canopies

The Vela Pavilion is a modular structure, that comes in several sizes, with the same aesthetical criteria than the rest of pieces in the collection.

Daybed Vela Vondom by Ramon Esteve

This system of canopies allows every kind of outdoor furniture layout –thus providing solutions to different spaces- but keeps the characteristic warmth of the indoor furniture. The VELA Pavilion has been designed to enjoy the natural environment and enhance qualities such as comfort and versatility. It uses a new generation of fabric materials that allow the control of sun shading and privacy according to the needs and circumstances. These elements are easily removable for maintenance, storage and cleaning.

Daybed Vela Vondom by Ramon Esteve


The system of optional lighting of the piece itself offers us the opportunity to create unique spaces during the night, thanks to the Led remote control.

Product Details:

Design: Ramon EsteveCollaborators: Nacho Poveda, Isabel Meyer, Tudi Soriano, Silvia Martínez
Produce: Vondom


Montreal Biodome Science Museum Renewal by KANVA in collaboration with NEUF architects

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