Amsterdam Cheese Store by studiomfd

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Project Details:

Type: Commercial

Architect: Studiomfd

Location: The Netherlands

Address: Amsterdam

Program: Retail

Year: N/A

Area: N/A

Photographer: Johannes Van Assem

The Amsterdam Cheese Store selling the internationally renowned cheese brand Old Amsterdam and many other famous Dutch Cheeses, opened its third store on the middle of Damstraat in Amsterdam. Studiomfd designed an interior for the store that perfectly suits the branding of Old Amsterdam Cheese, which is all about authenticity, and the honest experience of the cheese, as a quality and traditional product. The store therefore has an appropriately aged and honest appearance.

Amsterdam Cheese Store by studiomfd
© Johannes van Assem

Upon entering the store, the gorgeously aged materials of the interior form an invitation to visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the classic Old Amsterdam Cheese and other Dutch Cheese such as Gouda Cheese and Edam Cheese. Pure materials with lots of personality, such as the floor of Belgium granite and aged wood distressed with authentic sawblade texture leading all the way into the back, furniture of 1930 old teak, wall parts covered with white tiles, building columns in concrete and a countertop of Belgian granite. All embellish the Cheese Experience.

In the center of the store stands a huge Amsterdam Cheese House, a steelwork archetype of a typical Amsterdam canal house consisting of 1930 old teak boxes and stained beach cheese planks completely filled with cheese.

Amsterdam Cheese Store by studiomfd
© Johannes van Assem

The store’s focus is on foreign visitors, who can enjoy in the back of the store also a huge image of a genuine Dutch cow. The result is a store that creates a dynamic staging platform of authenticity, character and the taste of the cheese.

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