How to Give Your Kitchen A Modern Vibe With Black and White Wallpaper

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The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. It’s where families gather and memories are made, and it’s also where you’ll likely spend the most time in your home day-to-day. That’s why this space deserves to be extra special so that you can enjoy it every day when you wake up and feel inspired to spend more time there each evening once work is over. With some strategic redesigning, here’s how to give your kitchen a modern vibe with black and white wallpaper.

Choosing the right wallpaper can be tricky

Too bold and it could make your space feel smaller, but too bland and it could blend into your decor. To avoid wallpaper doldrums (or, at least, steer clear of bad wallpapers), try choosing black-and-white cute wallpapers in an unexpected spot—like on an accent wall. 

Black-and-white patterns are particularly versatile since they can be incorporated into any room: There’s no need to put them on all four walls, as it will just look like you hired a painter who couldn’t make up his mind about what color he wanted.  

Instead, consider putting them on one or two walls for a modern twist that adds interest without being overwhelming. In fact, if you want to add more visual interest without adding colors or patterns, consider painting one or two accent walls with white paint instead of your base coat. 

Not only does white paint brighten up a room and make colors pop, but it also creates the contrast between itself and other colors in your space. Try using white paint in combination with different colored accents throughout your kitchen for maximum impact.

Choosing a black and white wallpaper

Look for high-quality black and white peel and stick wallpapers that complement your kitchen and personal style. If you’re not sure what works best, ask friends or hire an interior designer. Try out different ways of applying it (hanging on a wall or directly onto your cabinets) so you can get a better idea of how it will look in your space. 

For example, test out if removing wallpaper is easy; you want to be able to easily access switches, outlets, and other important elements without damaging your paint job. When choosing tiles, keep in mind that modern kitchens are often broken up into many different spaces. 

Look for patterns and designs that work well together but also allow each area to stand out individually as well. You may even choose to have one color scheme in one part of your kitchen and another elsewhere. The key is to pick something that you love.

Choosing the right color scheme

There are several ways that you can do it. You could use one scheme throughout your whole house (keeping in mind that a common scheme will allow you to combine colors from different rooms). You could also choose one color for certain rooms and another color for other rooms. 

For example, if you choose blue for your dining room, you might use yellow for your kitchen. It all depends on what colors speak to you and look best in your space. When choosing colors, make sure that they’re balanced: don’t go too light or too dark, and make sure they go well together so that they flow seamlessly. 

Keep in mind what colors are already in your home—and how they’ll affect your new colors! For example, if you paint your living room red, but have green curtains and orange furniture, it may not work as well as you think. 

Colors have psychological effects on us; just because we love them doesn’t mean they’re right for our homes. Be mindful of these effects when choosing paint colors; take some time to be deliberate about which ones fit with your vision.

The right accessories will make your new look stand out

Along with wallpaper, think of your kitchen’s accessories as a blank canvas upon which you can create your ideal space. Say goodbye to that mass-produced silverware holder and stock up on pieces that are stylish and modern. 

Chances are, black will be a major feature in your new space, so try using it sparingly here while ramping up elsewhere—it’ll make all of your new elements pop even more. Check out our roundup of stylish serving pieces that you’ll love showing off in your redesigned space. 

If you want to splurge, we also recommend upgrading your countertops and sink area (both look great in black). Plus, we’ve got some fun backsplash ideas for making sure no one misses them. From subway tiles to glass tile mosaics, there are tons of options available for updating your look without breaking the bank. Don’t forget about those windows.


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