Araku Cafe by Studio Lab & Jaz Architects

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Project Details:

Type: Hospitality| Interiors

Architect: Jaz Architects| Studio Lab

Location: India

Address: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Program: Cafe

Year: 2021

Area: 5,000 sq.ft.

Photographer: PHXINDIA

Thought of as a tranquil oasis. The minimalist and restrained design language is a gentle backdrop for the layers of curated cultural experiences of the café. The open and airy space houses carefully selected botanical specimen creating a green surround. The neutral tones give room for the expression of the curated artwork from our art partners Tarq gallery from Mumbai. 

Araku Cafe by Studio Lab
Photograph © PHXINDIA
Brew Bar
Brew Brew

The 5,000 sq ft space is spread over two levels. The ground floor has the barista bar, café, coffee retail and book shop. The first floor brings the focus to coffeeology with the roastery and barista training areas. There is also a private dining and a outdoor terrace for those who want to linger in the space for longer. 


The central island barista bar is designed as a relaxing and friendly place to interact with expert Baristas. The mysteriously sleek MOD bar coffee machine allows for obstructed conversations and exchanges. Near the barista bar an artfully composed timber contour map of part of the Araku valley give the customer a hint of the landscape of the origin of the coffee. Delicate suspended brass shelves displaying the Araku coffee products screen the buzzy café dining area.


Hidden behind the floating staircase is the bookshop corner. There is a special space for hand brewed coffee, set against the background of brass shelves lined with Araku’s signature colourful moka pots. 
Oak timber, White lime plaster, combed plaster work, white stone, glints of brass and a myriad of plants come together to create a serene and sophisticated material pallete. 

Studio Lab collaborated with the best design houses in India to produce bespoke furniture and products for the café. They had a distinct focus on sustainability, craft and the artisans. The collaborators include Ayush Kasliwal, Sandeep Sangaru, Josmo, Mianzi, Industhan and Gomaads.

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mini break (show) room by Francesca Perani

Giorio Casa: The Building of a Peaceful Space by Wong Zhongli