Bertelè presents the new custom-made “Doors” selection

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The new furnishing elements created by Bertelè are custom-made doors, designed to embellish various living styles and meet the demands of sophisticated customers whose needs go beyond the ordinary.

Bertelè presents the new custom-made “Doors” selection

Entirely made of solid wood with fine inlays made by hand, hardware and hinges in antiqued
brass, the new selection of “Doors” by Bertelè is where art meets craftsmanship Made in Italy. Inspired by precious settings and characterized by a luxury that focuses on details, the Bertelè doors dress in sophisticated materials and exhibit exclusive workmanship, presenting the best of Italian history gleaned in over 80 years by this Verona-based company, entirely staffed by women.

Like clothes made to measure, these flexible architectural solutions with delightful trompe l’oeil effects harmonize perfectly with their surroundings, presenting styles in contrast with the wall treatment or tone-on-tone. A wide range of ideas to give even broader meaning to the concept of coordination.

The door is, after all, the first clue to the character of a home that meets the eye of the guest on arrival. It can have many functions: a threshold of welcome to the various rooms of the home, an impressive element applicable to the world of fine cuisine, a precious decorative panel for access to private elevators.

Thanks to Bertelè products, tradition and contemporary taste can live together happily and functionally, creating rooms with a strong personality.


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