What Are the Reasons That Your Concrete May Need Repairing?

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Seeing damage in the concrete in or around your property is quite common; however, that doesn’t explain why it has actually happened. Are you constantly seeing the likes of cracks and sunken areas around your property and wondering how it has gotten to this point? If so, then you’re in the right place as within this article it will be discussed what the reasons that concrete may get damaged are and as such may need repairing. 

Do You Need Your Concrete Repairing? 

If you are reading this because you recognize that there is damage to the concrete within your property and it will need repairing, you should consider enlisting the help of the likes of K&E Flatwork. These are a leading provider of concrete repair and replacement with access to a plethora of different equipment, meaning they will be able to rectify any and all problems that you could have, whether this is to buildings, roads, or anywhere else. So, what has caused this damage? 


When you have reinforced concrete flooring, then there is a lot of structural ability that comes with it. That being said, the steel bars that are embedded from within the floor are usually responsible for other problems. Granted, the majority of the time, concrete is responsible for providing a layer of protection that is able to keep steel from rusting, but there are substances such as de-icing salts that release chloride ions that can penetrate through different pores and cracks within the concrete. These can lead to corrosion of the steel, leading to damage such as cracking and spalling within the concrete. 


Any kind of exposure to intense heat can be the reason behind damage to concrete and as a result, facilitate the need for repair. The material itself is not actually going to burn, but you will find that the structural integrity of concrete as well as its elasticity and strength could be compromised. There is even the chance that you will see spalling because moisture has subsequently been turned into water vapor as it has heated. 

The Concrete Has Not Been Installed Properly 

If there are joints within the concrete that have not been installed properly, then chances are you are going to see moisture creep into the mix. This will again lead to damage to the concrete, not to mention its strength and overall durability are going to be compromised as well. You will usually find this if the person who has installed your concrete has not been adequate at their job. Alternatively, they could have been in a rush when they carried the work out, meaning the job was only half done. 


There are many different reasons why you may need to have the concrete in and around your property repaired. These include but are not limited to the above as the likes of corrosion, fire, and poor installation can lead to damage to concrete and generally a weakening of the material. 


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