Winter Warmers: The Perfect Living Room Additions

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The chill is here, and it feels like it’s here to stay. Even though winter doesn’t technically start for another few weeks – the cold weather and dark nights send people into a hibernating slumber, where contact with the outside world and the cold is forbidden.  

But, what it does mean, is that it’s time to get out all the comfortable, cosy, and luxuriously snuggly living room additions so you don’t need a reason to leave your home – because who would want to leave the comfort of a sofa next to the fire when it’s freezing outside?! Read on to find out more. 

Electric Fires Are The New Traditional Fireplace

Is a living room really a living room without a roaring fire? Well, in the modern-day, it very much is. In fact, coal fireplaces seem to be a thing of the past. The new trend is electric fires, and we’re all for them. Electric fires can be economical if they’re the economical version, and they’re just as beautiful to look at and far easy to install. They still provide that warm, nurturing glow we all crave on these dark winter nights. 

Taking it up a notch – you can purchase coffee tables with electric fires built into them. The fake flame will either radiate from the centre or around the edges. It’s very much a luxurious trend.

Luxurious Lighting Features To Set The Mood

From warm lights to luxurious glows that set the mood, winter is all about using lighting to bring the warmth and comfort we’re lacking from the outside world. The luxury lampshades from Penny Morrison are the perfect option. The straight panel Pembroke design hugs the bulbs just enough so that the glow isn’t so harsh – but instead, a tranquil light that’ll send you to sleep. 

There’s also the option to buy a dimmer bulb that will allow you to control how bright or dimly lit the light is – the more subtle the glow, the better. You might also want to play around with lighting positioning – using multiple floors and table lamps to create pockets of dim lighting around the room. 

Faux-Fur Accessories Are Still In 

Don’t make a mistake – faux fur will always be in, and it’s a far better option than real fur for obvious reasons. Just because it’s not real, it doesn’t mean it isn’t classy, expensive, or high-end. Some faux-fur rugs, for example, sell for close to a thousand pounds for large designs. That’s because the quality of the material is still impeccable, and the lifelike resemblance to fur is one people will be willing to pay for. 

There’s a trifecta of faux-fur – we know it isn’t the trend everyone likes, but it is a trend in 2021 – that’ll consist of a throw, pillows, and rug. Put those three together in a room, and you have yourself the luxurious comfort trifecta you didn’t know you were missing. There are some really classy designs that you just want to cuddle up in and never leave. 

It’s easy to put winter warmers and the feeling of luxury in the same category. There’s something about being warm in the winter and cuddled up away from the outside world that’s luxuriously soothing. How will you decorate your living room this winter?


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