Top Tips When Decorating for Summer

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Summer is in full swing! People everywhere are taking in rays of sun, having friends over, and going for long walks while the weather permits them to. Yes, summer certainly seems like a time where people have a whole new lease of life. With that in mind, is there anything to be said for decorating in summer? It turns out, yes. There are many different ways to decorate that complement the summer months much more than any other time of year. Below is a breakdown of some of these sun-orientated styles. 

Make Sure You’re Ready for the Heat!

The rest of the items on this list are going to be useless if you aren’t properly prepared for the heat. Ensure that you have good air conditioning or ventilation in your home so that anyone who comes to visit can be comfortable. You would be surprised how many people get so bogged down in the design details that they forget about the amenities. These do not need to be expensive; head over to sites such as PTAC4Less who provide a wide variety of refurbished PTAC units to keep your house cool this summer. 

Go Nautical 

Given the sea and the seashore complement the sun more than anything, it’s not surprising that some of the best summer decorating ideas come from that region. These touches can be as bold or as subtle as you find appropriate, which can bring the beach to your home. Colors such as navy on white work incredibly well; however, if you would like to invest a bit more, boat-shaped relics, studded furniture, or life preservers will all be available at your local flea market. 

Person above mountain and body of water
Photo © Jakob Owens

Travel Photos 

A great way to enjoy your current summer is by reflecting on previous ones. Preserve those old vacation photos by printing them on canvas or framing and arranging them to make your very own summer’s past feature wall. 

A Dining Table Out Front 

Given the better weather and elongated periods of sunlight throughout the day, the summer is the perfect place to start dining outside. One of the most efficient and stylish ways to do this is on your front porch. Outdoor summer decorations can be as simple as you want them to be, such as by just moving a dining table onto the front porch and using a few extra planters to brighten up the area. We don’t get this kind of weather all year round, so why not take advantage of it as much as possible? 

Two White and green table beside cushions
Photo © Annie Spratt

Go Natural 

If you want to add a much more organic look to your home that complements the sun, then increase the amount of greenery and plants around your house. This will really bring out the light in the room and greet people as soon as they walk in. You can even pair this with the previous nautical theme by putting some tiny plants into large shells. Smaller plants last a much longer time, too, so they will see out the entire summer with you until the earlier nights start to roll in. 


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