Why glass is one of the most versatile materials out there

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Everyone likes to innovate when it comes to their homes or building structures. Whether it is stone and wood like the Romans and the Ancient Greeks, or even something more recent like plastic being used in insulation, people like to use what they can to adapt any building.

Made of glass

Now it is glass that is at the forefront of design, with many companies opting to use it design large chunks of walls or in some cases, it replaces the wall entirely. Used on runners like you would for an automatic door, the cover glass essentially acts as sliding door or wall, helping to provide greater views for residents and even just helping to make living spaces seem bigger and more open. It might not sound like it, but glass is one of the most versatile materials in the world and its uses are almost endless. 

Glass Building
Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash


In terms of innovative constructionThe Shard in London stands as a shining example of how versatile and useful glass can be. With 11,000 panels used in its construction and standing at 310 meters tall, in some circles it is regarded as a mark of scientific genius and true sign of what can be achieved with something so simple. As with any innovative design, there are detractors, but that just comes as part and parcel of the world unfortunately. Nevertheless, with more companies trying to come up with their own similar design or even just using it as an example for their own attempts at innovating their own constructions. 

Environmental benefit

As far as glass goes, it can have a good effect on temperature control within buildings, helping to cool them in the hotter summer months as the heat cannot always permeate the glass panels due to the layers incorporated in them. This can make for either a more comfortable work or living environment and it just shows the positive effect that something so simple can have. Although still used primarily in windows, as you would expect, with patio doors on many properties gradually becoming more popular and other companies looking to create their own brilliant designs, it looks as though glass is currently experiencing a boom. 

Try it

Many people nowadays have sliding glass doors as they look to make the most of the natural world around them, whether is the natural light that can come in through those doors or even the amazing views that you can see in various parts of the country. With Cover Glass Nevada you can make the most of your environment by using these bespoke designs as you work with the company to create whatever you like and they will endeavor to make it happen. With the aforementioned cooling effect, it would seem like a no-brainer in so many ways.  

It is surprising that something so small could be so useful but glass is here to stay. Without it many innovative designs would have happened and windows would even exist. So, why not make the most of it and utilize it as best you can. 


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