Embassy Cycling by GSB-N Studio

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Project Details:

Type: Commercial| Interiors

Architect: GSB-N Studio

Location: Australia

Address: Mosman, Australia

Program: Retail

Year: 2020

Area: 100 sq.m.

Photographer: Alessandro Belgiorno-Nettis

The concept behind Embassy Cycling, synonymous with all GSB-N Studio projects, is architectural transformation and the ability for the store to quickly change and adapt to suit a fast paced retail environment.

The existing space, an old pharmacy, was stripped back and repainted in Embassy Green and White, allowing for the key design feature, scaffolding, to stand out. 

Embassy Cycling by GSB-N Studio
Photograph © Alessandro Belgiorno-Nettis

Scaffolding, a simple, cost effective solution to storage, hanging and exhibition space was utilised, hand painted in white to add a personal touch and soften the raw metal finish.

For shelving we utilised standard perforated decking with a glass plate added to create a flat surface to display cycling accessories. Steel cross members were added, taking advantage of the standard issue scaffolding knuckles, to allow for cycling jerseys and bib shorts to be hung. And finally, a custom frame mount was designed, again using standard knuckles, that holds a bicycle frame from the bottom bracket, displaying the bike in its most pure, naked form.

Embassy Cycling by GSB-N Studio
Photograph © Alessandro Belgiorno-Nettis

Simple joinery units on castor wheels can be rolled away at any point to allow for events and gatherings to take place within the space before and after hours. 

If at any point the bicycle store moves locations, the scaffolding and joinery can be disassembled, packed into the back of a truck and transported to the new store. If extra shelving or a change of layout is required, the scaffolding can be added to or taken from quickly and easily.

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