Renovating Your Living Area on a Tight Budget

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Your living area is probably one of the most used rooms within your home. It is also probably one of the rooms that is looking a little tired and under loved. As your living area gets a lot of wear and tear it is important to look at renovating it and in the process bring it back to life. Your living spaces say a lot about who you are and how you live, so it is important that they truly reflect who you are and what you are about. Before jumping into a full renovation, it is important to take a step back and look at what you currently have and what you want to achieve.

Create a Design Board

It can be difficult getting your ideas and thoughts together and this is where a design board comes in handy. When you have a board for all of your ideas you can ensure that you get a space that you want and that you deserve. A design board can give you a visual glimpse of what your finished room will look like, and at this stage things are easy to change and alter if you are not happy with them. A design board should feature your favorite swatches, themes and colors and it should reflect how you want the room to feel.

Design Board

Make a Statement

Even if you do not want to renovate the whole living space it is important to make a statement and make an impact. To make an impact you need to look at implementing items and pieces that get seen and that attract they eyes, such as Discount Area Rugs and statement flocked wallpapers. Making a statement within your living area is important to do as it is often one of the first rooms that visitors to your home will see, and you want to set and create the right tone from the outset.

Think Second-hand

New is great, but so too is second hand. You do not always have to buy everything new for your renovation, you can in fact take advantage of one-off unique pieces and finds, such as a vintage lamp that is added to your modern sideboard or dresser, or a vintage armchair that is mixed with your ultra-modern leather couches. Second-hand furniture and accessories do not always mean tatty and worn out, so try and remove this label and stigma before you hit the stores or you will find that it holds you back.

Focusing On Your Budget

When you are working on a tight budget it is important that it is the center of everything you do and everything you implement into your living space. If you lose track of the budget, you can find your project costing more than you can afford and this may end up affecting your other renovation plans further down the line. Establishing your budget as soon as possible is important so that you can get your project up and off the ground. When establishing a budget always ensure that you allow for a contingency too, just to cover any unforeseen costs.


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