4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Year

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Some DIY projects are minor and only need a couple of hours or possibly a weekend to complete. Then there are others that are larger in scope. These kinds of projects require you to set aside a significant amount of time to dedicate to them. You may even want to hire a professional to help you get them done. Here are four home improvement projects that will keep you busy this year.

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Attic Insulation for Improved Roof Performance

Attic insulation is a necessary part of roofing performance. Without it, water can permeate the roofing structure and potentially down to the attic below it. Better insulation can also reduce energy costs because it retains heat inside the home while letting cool air out to provide for better ventilation. This avoids the air become stale and stuffy. Therefore, attic insulation performs double duty, both to reduce energy bills and prevent damage near the top of the home. To see whether your attic needs new or better insulation, have a look at advantage-construction.com

Landscape Gardening

When you consider home improvements, the backyard may be the last thing that you think of. This is often because it’s unimaginative and has never inspired you. To change that, adding landscape gardening features gives it a different feel to before. A novel stone pathway across the lawn lets you traverse it without getting shoes muddy on wetter days. Circular or curved features move away from a straight lawn and a rectangular house shape to be more one with nature. Also, a bench on the lawn affords a pleasant view rather than having to sit only on the patio. Look at examples on Pinterest and elsewhere of gardens that are attractive to you. Make it a multi-month project to gradually change your garden into a magazine image come to life. 

Repainting to Change Your Home’s Color Scheme

A decision to change the color scheme inside your home is no small matter. It requires repainting most, if not all of the rooms to create a consistent look throughout. It will require a long, hard think about whether you wish to do this. Painting one room at a time will be necessary over successful weekends or when you have vacation time to spend at home. Also, choosing the right color will be crucial. Don’t get halfway through the process and realize that you’ve made a bad mistake. That can happen either because the color hue isn’t perfect or because you failed to consider whether the same color would work well in every room. 

Adding a Porch to the Front

When a previous home had a front porch but the new one doesn’t, it may be something that you’ve pined for. At a certain point, you may decide it’s time to do something about it. A major decision here will be whether to do it yourself or hire in a team. Either way, you’ll want some plans drawn up to guide the process, otherwise you’ll be flying blind. Ideally, other woodwork projects would have been completed by your fair hands before. Otherwise, getting an experienced carpenter and designer to help out is going to be more sensible.

Major projects that cannot be completed on a weekend necessarily require more thought and planning. So, avoid diving in and figuring out the details as you go along. Usually, that won’t have a good outcome. 


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