5 Home Upgrades to make 2021 Your Year

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With the new year comes brand-new goals to achieve and improvements to make. This year, one thing many people have on their minds is home upgrades. This past year has been an unusual one and has set the tone for what will add value in the upcoming months and over the course of the next few years.

With the shift toward home being the primary hangout spot for work and play, it’s no wonder home upgrades are being made to enjoy the space to its fullest. Whether making outside areas a sanctuary to relax, a home office a relaxing and productive space, or a minor bathroom upgrade to accommodate your piles of toilet paper, here are five home upgrades to make 2021 your year.

1. Home Offices

With this past year being so much different from the previous years, it comes as no surprise that dedicated home offices are becoming more than just popular—they’re becoming a necessity. In fact, Zillow has published a survey on how having a home office increases the value of your home and that listings mentioning “home offices” have jumped 10 percent in recent months.

For those who don’t have an extra bedroom, choosing to build an office shed in the backyard is a trending option. Not only do you have a dedicated home office that you can decorate and make into your own relaxing work sanctuary, but you get a little bit of separation. This may be a good option for you if you have kids, if there’s extra noise inside, or if you’re more productive away from home.

Many people have been turning their extra rooms into office/living space combos, but if you have a dedicated home office that meets the requirements, you can claim your home office on taxes and receive a tax break from working at home. Yes, 2020 has been an unusual year, but working from home seems like a continuing trend, and home offices are quickly becoming the most used room in the house.

2. Exterior Upgrades

Another upgrade that is understandably popular this year is updating outside spaces. This includes the functionality of yards as well as the aesthetics of homes. This improvement goes hand in hand with home offices. As more people are staying home and looking to enjoy the space they have, upgrades as simple as a fresh coat of paint or building a deck are great options.

Determine your needs and what will benefit you most with your time at home now and down the line, when gathering with friends and family is the norm again. Building a deck will be a great addition that adds value to your property long-term as well as for immediate enjoyment. If you have kids, adding a playset to your yard is both functional and a good investment for down the road, as your kids will enjoy it for years to come.

However large or small your outside upgrade is, there are many benefits to making improvements this year.

3. Kitchen Upgrades

Another recent trend is eating out less frequently and spending more time cooking in the kitchen. Whether a full kitchen renovation or just a few minor updates, expect to see a variety of upgrades made in kitchens this year.

An increase in awareness of hygiene and cleanliness has made an impact on how we do our day-to-day, and installing a touchless kitchen faucet is on the list of easy kitchen updates many homeowners are opting to make. Both sanitation and ease of use play a part in the growing popularity of this simple and functional upgrade. It’s definitely a simple change to make that will add value to your home.

Purchasing new appliances, changing from electric to gas, and adding larger kitchen island hubs will all help with the overall functionality of this year’s kitchen upgrades. As more home cooking is done and the kitchen becomes more multi-functional, flexible designs are allowing more quality time to be spent in the kitchen.

4. Functional Upgrades

This year, there are many fun and functional updates to add to your list. Switching to solar power, adding keyless entries, or updating windows could make your life a little bit easier and save you money in the long run.

  • Solar panels. Choosing a renewable energy source to power your home is in no way a new concept. However, there has never been such a prime time to invest in going green. Solar panel costs are at an all-time low, tax credits are available when certain requirements are met, and many homeowners are saving up to 85 percent off their power bills when they choose to go green.
  • Keyless entries. Gone are the days of getting locked out of your home or forgetting to leave a key for your dog walker. Keyless entries have added so much convenience as well as home safety. There is now the ability to lock and unlock your doors with a code or biometrics. Many keyless entries have an app so you can lock, unlock, or check who has entered and at what time. Many people enjoy having the ability to keep an eye on the safety of their houses even when they’re away from home.
  • Window replacements. There will be more of an up-front investment with this upgrade, but it will benefit you very quickly. Many older homes have outdated windows, which means they’re letting in the cold winter air and hot summer air. Replacing the outdated windows in the house will help to save money on the energy bill, and when all windows and sliding doors are replaced, it can add up to considerable savings.

5. Bathroom Upgrades

After a long day in the home office, what better way to end the day than by walking across the hall to an updated bathroom and taking a relaxing bath? Or maybe with everyone home all the time now, you desperately need that second bathroom you’ve been talking about for years. Whether you’re hoping for something akin to an in-home spa or looking for utility, a bathroom upgrade will add value to your home and make life just a little sweeter.

Our team at Robert Hakes Construction has over 27 years of experience in the construction industry. We believe you should love where you live, and we’re happy to help make any upgrades you need to turn your house into a home that you can enjoy. Please call us with your questions or if you want more information on a home update.


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