Alegre Design releases the new D-NA bike racks designed for Japan

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Spanish studio Alegre Design has found inspiration in the animal kingdom to create a new line of bike racks for Japan, a market they have been designing for for over a decade, as a result of their collaboration with Katzden Architec.

D-NA is the studio latest creation for the brand’s bike racks catalogue, that also includes other products by Alegre Design such as Cesta and Llatina. Both have been installed in public spaces of Japanese cities such as Tokyo.

The Elephant Bike Rack
The Elephant Bike Rack

With a timeless and symbolic design – a bear, a butterfly, a bird and an elephant –, the options available for the D-NA Wall bike rack are in line with Japanese graphic and visual culture. The silhouette of each animal can be perceived both horizontally and vertically, thanks to the design of the piece.

From a technical point of view, Alegre Design has created a standard specific geometry that’s compatible with all types of wheel sizes on the market. It is this conical geometry that keeps the bicycle from moving once the wheel has been inserted into the structure.

D-NA Wall brings a new aesthetic that broadens the scope of this type of product to reach new users and spaces. We’ve specially taken into account factors such as efficiency and sustainability, with pieces that are easy to manufacture and install, even on a vertical surface”, explains Alegre Design, founder of Alegre Design.

The Bird Bike Rack
The Bird Bike Rack

In his opinion, due to their symbolism and aesthetics, these products are visually integrated into public spaces designed for children and teenagers, “allowing them to convey a sense of order, of everything being in its place, of being able to recognize themselves in their own environment”.

Thus, design serves a didactic and civic purpose, organizing the urban environment. And it instills in new generations the value and contribution of design to public space”, adds the designer.

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About Alegre Design

Alegre Design is a design company founded in Valencia (Spain) in 2001, specialized in bringing innovation and value to people and companies through products and services. Over more than two years, Alegre Design has constantly faced design challenges that have resulted in professional collaboration on a global scale in industries that include furniture for workspaces, medical equipment, electronic products, lighting and childcare, amongst others.

The experience gained with each project allows Alegre Design to transfer knowledge between industries and cultures.

The studio’s motto is to inspire change through innovation, bringing value to companies and creating designs for people. Alegre Design applies its own Agile Design methodology focused on the user, which combines design thinking and agile methodologies and applies them to project management and allows them to create products, experiences and services and open new market opportunities.

Alegre Design’s main products include Design Direction, Trend Research and Product Design. By applying the Agile Design methodology, Alegre Design created products and services that improve the value of companies through originality and efficiency. The studio looks for new perspectives and ideas by redefining services, products and experiences to create a new future for people.

Alegre Design covers all research and design processes, bringing creativity and solutions to every phase of the project. Their products have won different design awards, including If Design, Red Dot, Design Preis, German Design Award and Delta.


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