How To Choose Garage Design

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Garage arrangement plays a huge role for a real motorist. The room is used to carefully store the car, other vehicles and useful equipment. For the construction of the facility requires a standard design.

Garage walls interior decoration

Proper cladding of wall surfaces will get rid of the accumulation of excess moisture and mold. A variety of materials can be used for this purpose. The choice of finishing depends on the base from which the walls are made:

  • Brick walls try to plaster, and additionally finish with putty or bark beetle.
  • Erected partitions made of foam concrete or block is best to cover from the inside with a wagon. Installation should be done by those who have the skill.
  • Tile or ceramic tiles. These materials are considered the most practical, as they serve for a long period of time. Such a coating is easy to take care of, but to install them you need to combine the tile with a door. You may consult with 1800 Garage Doors Inc.

Creation of several functional zones

If the free space allows, the garage can easily organize a workshop. To prevent sparks and sawdust from flying from your workplace to a nearby car, arrange an individual zone for it. For this purpose, partitions are used: technical false walls or solid floor racks, heavy dense fabric or tarpaulin, which are mounted on strong eyelets and can be easily moved. It is also possible to put a brick wall into a half-brick.

Along the wall it is possible to place a long magnetic tape, it will help to save various metal parts. Usually in this way they try to place the wrenches, which can not be stored in boxes. The upper shelves, placed under the ceiling, are often used to install plastic containers on them. They try to store useful little things: nuts, bolts, nails and other accessories.

Brackets and hooks on the side walls of the garage will serve for hanging overalls and rolled-up watering hoses. Nearby you can place a wooden floor shelf of pallets. On such a design put canned food, prepared for the winter. This option is considered a good alternative in case there is no special pantry or cellar.

What is important to consider for a comfortable stay in the garage

To work in the garage was not cold, you must think about heating and prevent the accumulation of moisture. To do this, you should install insulation means during construction. As a heating equipment uses a separate electric heater. 

Also take into account the patterns of arrangement of the roof and ceiling. These include:

Mandatory device hydro- and heat insulation. It depends on how warm the room will be. Place the material only on a dry base to reduce the likelihood of mold and fungus.

Electrical wiring and socket – these are mandatory components. They are conducted in pre-prepared strobes. For the wiring itself are trying to use cables with a large cross-section and an additional core for grounding. And the final part is doors, you may need help from garage door repair in Vancouver by Abell.

Ventilation acts as an extractor hood or as special vents. The latter are the cut holes in the upper part of the wall under the ceiling. They are closed by special regulating grids, have access to the street.


Therefore, the arrangement of the garage involves taking into account every detail: decoration, interior, ventilation and much more. If you lose sight of an important point, you may face the problem of poor functionality of the built garage. Appropriate arrangement of the garage helps to preserve the car in its commercial form for a long time after purchase. Can a garage be beautiful inside? What is it like: your dream garage?


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