How To Disguise The Ventilation In The Apartment

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We will tell you how to hide the ducts, the materials used, we will consider how to decorate the hood with your own hands, we will give advice from experts, we will analyze the mistakes during the installation work. You will learn and see examples of the most practical designs.

Methods of masking pipes

Instead of corrugation, you can use a plastic pipe of round or rectangular cross-section, suitable for the size of the channel diameter. The short sections are connected by adapters of different configurations. The disadvantage of plastic pipe is the loss of traction when it is long. Therefore, the use of such a plastic box is only recommended if there is an air vent next to the hood.

Decorate the corrugated sleeve can be done in the following ways.

  • Box of drywall. It is mounted on a frame made of metal profiles and then painted in a color that matches the design of the kitchen.
  • Built-in furniture. The air duct is inconspicuously placed in the walls of a high hinged cabinet, suspended above the stove. This option is suitable in the case of a built-in hood, fixed at the bottom of such a cabinet.

Hint: Both options can be complemented by LED lighting, which will add coziness and brightness of lighting in the kitchen.

  • Curtain rod of the kitchen headset. The fume hood is passed close to the wall on top of the kitchen furniture, and it becomes closed behind the eaves.
  • Suspension or stretch ceiling. In this case, the corrugated pipe will be completely hidden. The height of the ceiling will lose from 13 to 15 cm.
  • Decorative elements or painting corrugated, which will act as an element of interior kitchen.
  • If your kitchen is decorated in high-tech style (basement renovation in Newmarket by CSG may help you), aluminum corrugated can be left as is, without disguise. It fits well with this style.

Which way is better

The most rational disguise option will be the one that is best suited to the interior of your kitchen.

The easiest way is to replace the corrugation with a plastic duct. But you should take into account that it is effective only in cases when the hood is located close to the ventilation opening. In addition, the plastic box should fit into the color design of your kitchen. Otherwise, it will have to be painted or glued with suitable wallpaper.

If the sleeve is long, extends throughout the room, the best option would be a suspended ceiling that allows you to completely hide the hood.

The cheapest way would be to paint the corrugation and finish it with simple decorative elements.

Perform the work yourself or call a master?

To install a box made of plastic or drywall, it makes no sense to use the services of craftsmen. You can do this work yourself.

If you have to arrange a hinged or stretched ceiling, it is better to use the help of professionals, for example, Safe ADC Inc.

Expert advice

Let’s look at some of the nuances of the fume hood camouflage.

When choosing a plastic duct, it is important to ensure that its diameter is not less than the diameter of the hole in the ventilation shaft.

Plastic sleeve length exceeding 3 meters is not the best solution.

Additional LED backlighting will really transform the kitchen space. It will help to make the box protrusion invisible, or, conversely, to highlight it in the kitchen facade.

If the ventilation shaft opening is placed away from the hood, the sleeve can be turned and laid through the side wall of the next hinged cabinet.

Common mistakes

The most common mistakes are those made when installing a corrugated or plastic duct. Thus, for the installation of plastic or corrugated pipe, it is important that its cross section coincides or exceeds the size of the outlet spigot of the air cleaner. When buying a sleeve and extraction equipment to pay attention to this.

Corrugated pipe should be installed as long as possible, which is not always observed. Its curves should not be less than the dimeter of the corrugation itself.


We hope that this article will be useful for you and you will make the right decision on the arrangement of the extraction equipment, its successful placement in the kitchen interior. We wish you good luck in improving your home, subscribe to our articles and share the knowledge gained in social networks.


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