Tips On Design Of The Entrance Door

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What are the requirements for the front door? First of all, it is durability, reliability, ability to provide proper protection from intruders and external noise. Everything is logical, but also the appearance of the door cannot be written off. Anyway, but the first thing your guests see is the door. There is a great variety of materials and methods of decoration today. It is easy to design a door leaf in a classic or modern style, shade and decor can be anything. Moreover, on the outer and inner sides the leafs can be completely different. Go for such an important purchase better prepared, so first you need to deal with the question of design of the entrance door and decide which option will be the most preferable in your case.

What are entrance doors made of?

The appearance of the door depends to a great extent on what it is made of. There are not so many variants of materials for entrance doors:

Wood – the good old classics, used to date, although inferior in terms of popularity to metal doors. Usually, doors are made of dense and reliable oak wood, which with proper care will last for decades.  However, the wood is afraid of moisture and pests, and if not treated with special materials in time, the canvas can be damaged by bugs, or it will lead from temperature drops and moisture exposure. In addition, wood is less safe than metal, and you may heed help from a locksmith company, to secure your door properly. But the appearance of a wooden door is the limit of dreams. 

Metal is a universal variant, such doors are put in houses and apartments, they are perfectly suited for any architectural and interior style, as the canvas can be finished with different materials. 

Metal-plastic doors, according to manufacturers, in terms of strength and burglar resistance are not inferior to metal, but so far the scope of their application – commercial premises. Sometimes these doors are put in private homes, and in ordinary entrances is still a rarity. According to the structure of such a door is identical to the metal windows – glass is installed in the profile, only the profile here is reinforced, and the glass – armored. 

Fittings as a design option

Glass inserts are, of course, a solid way to decorate a door leaf, but, alas, not very safe. To somehow ennoble a deaf and boring door, you can use an interesting fittings:

  • The door handle can be a real work of art, emphasizing the taste of the owners, their status. In addition, you may order a real secure and nice lock at repair locks in Jamestown. In the collections of some manufacturers there are truly exclusive items, coated in gold and bronze, openwork, in the form of a hand or a pistol, branches of trees – in general, if desired, the simplest handle can be an interesting decoration;
  • the hinges may also have an artistic value. There are interesting specimens with ornate pattern, but they are more suitable for the classic style, for the door in the modern style will fit the simplest chrome hinges;
  • the number of the apartment or house can also be made original. This is either an interesting font, or the presence of interesting figures (cats, owls, branches of trees, squirrels, etc.). To order, you can make any number;
  • instead of the doorbell you can use a knob, gong or bell – these are interesting elements in terms of decoration, but their application is not always successful.
  • It should be noted that some people prefer not to overdo the originality of the door, so that the door does not catch the eye of the intruders, but this is a personal matter of everyone.

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