How do Quartz and Granite Worktops Differ?

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For your kitchen or bath renovation, you’ll likely want to narrow down the materials to use so that you can have a better idea of expenses, design, and more. Quartz and granite are popular worktop choices, and both come from the earth, which makes them natural. But which one do you pick? To help you decide, you first must know the main differences between them.

The Way They Look

Every granite slab is beautifully unique. The mineral composition of the rock creates a great pattern and color. A great feature about a granite worktop, therefore, is that yours will be unlike one in anyone else’s home.

As for a quartz worktop, it is engineered, which means that it will have a more uniform look to it than granite. That is not to say that it is better or worse than granite as the appearance you like the best is a personal preference. There are many colors and styles available for quartz.

If you are unsure which one to choose, ask a designer for help and explain what you would like to see in your future kitchen. Consider the way the cabinets will look with the new worktop, and whether you should update the doors and floors to complete the modern look of the kitchen.

What about Durability?

Both materials are extremely durable. Granite is a porous stone that installers must seal properly to ensure that it withstands the test of time. It is straightforward to clean too.

As for quartz, it does not require the sealing step. Instead, it has resins that were added during the creation stage of the worktop.

Plus, quartz is uniform rather than having flaws like granite (albeit those flaws are beautiful). The uniformity of the quartz makes it less susceptible to cracking.

Adding Value to the Home

Quartz and granite worktops both add value to the home, so they are worthwhile investments to add when doing a kitchen or bath remodel. If you are not sure which one to use, ask a professional to match your family’s needs and the unique kitchen design with the right material.

Get quality granite worktops Bury fit to your kitchen for a custom look with no waste. A kitchen worktop can be replaced in as little time as one day. Some homebuyers prefer granite over quartz as it has a more natural look to it. Again, that is a personal preference.


For the best worktop for your home, use a professional kitchen fitter. Ensure they have both the qualifications and experience to do the job well.

Whether you choose, quartz or granite worktops is up ultimately to you. Look at the differences explained above to help you, as well as asking the company you work with what they think is the best for your home.

Then, look forward to the quality times to come as a family, gathering in the kitchen to make meals together. With a durable granite or quartz counter, you can be confident that the remodel is one that is a good investment and has a timeless appearance.


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