How to Install a Sliding Glass Door

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Installing a sliding glass door will play a big role in transforming your home to a higher level. The sliding glass doors also allow your rooms to access maximum natural light during the day. It also makes the atmosphere very open for you and your family, and you can easily access the decks, patios, and other places within your compound.

Before installing a sliding glass door, the very important thing to note down is the cost of installation. This cost will always vary from one amount to another, depending on which type of material you have chosen. Which is why we give you a free estimate by 24hr. Generally, it would cost you around $2,000 to install a sliding glass door, and the professionals will take like one day to finish up the task.

The following are the steps involved during sliding glass door installation:

  • Begin by cutting off the exterior and interior trim using a pry bar. You can still put it aside in case you will need it for your new sliding glass door installation.
  • With assistance from your friend, neighbor, or even a professional, remove the doors from the frame.
  • Use a bimetal saw to remove any nails and screw that may be left behind.
  • Take the measurements of both the width and the height of the door frame and ensure the measurements are very accurate.
  • Buy the sliding glass door that you will be using to replace the old one. It is advisable that you look for a sliding glass door that is both affordable and easier to install.
  • Make sure the opening is clean and that the frame is leveled up p before you install the new one.
  • Apply adhesive to the door frame leaving a margin on both sides of the door frame.
  • Carefully and with some assistance, place your new sliding door on the frame and ensure that the screen door track is on the outside.
  • You can thereafter screw the door frame and ensure it is intact.
  • Insulate any gaps left between the glass door and the frame.
  • What follows next is the installation of the panels and door handles. You must begin by placing the bottom of the panels and then the top. Having pre-screwed handles would make it easier because you will only need to fix them on the door.
  • Nail back the trim in position carefully and finally snap your sliding glass door in position.

Will all these steps followed to the last one, you can consider your new sliding door well installed and in place. All you need to ensure for the process is that every necessary tool is available and that there is someone by your side to offer you assistance. Sliding glass doors are very heavy that you cannot handle or lift them on your own.

To be safe, however, you need to ensure that you get a professional to do the installation for you or an emergency glass repair. This will prevent the chances of any damages occurring, and will also guarantee you proper installation.


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