5 Things You Should Include in Your Home Build Project

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Lots of us like the idea of building our own home. Building your own home gives you the freedom to include items that wouldn’t be possible in other properties or would cost a lot of money to have installed. Luxuries like hardwood flooring, underfloor heating, and sliding glass panel doors can all be added for a small fraction of what it would cost to install them in an existing property. So, before you start designing your dream home, we thought we’d help you out by coming up with a list of some of the important things you should consider including in your home build project.

  1. Heated Bathroom Floors

Nobody likes the idea of getting out of a hot bath to stand on a cold floor in a cold room. Installing underfloor heating in your bathroom will stop this scenario from occurring. In the past, underfloor heating took weeks to install as contractors had to fit water-filled tubes into concrete in order for it to work. However, you can now buy radiant-heated bathroom floors, which are much easier to install and much cheaper than the alternatives too. They also come with a thermostat, meaning you can turn it on and off, up or down, depending on your needs. 

  1. Gas Fires

Installing a modern gas fire in your home will make your home stand out for all the right reasons. These gas fire fitters London fit fires that look and feel like a real fire, but can be turned off at the flick of a switch, meaning you’ve got no cleaning up to do. If you want your property to look amazing, then installing one of these fires is a great idea. 

  1. Green and Energy Efficient Features

There are lots of different things you can do to make your home more energy-efficient, including adding triple glazed windows, water conservation technology and energy generators like wind turbines or solar panels. All of these items will save you money in the long term and you’ll also be able to sleep easy in the knowledge that you’re helping to take care of the environment. 

  1. Integrated Home Electronics/Home Automation

In the last few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people integrating technology into their homes. From smart speakers and thermostats, to voice-controlled kettles and light switches, there are lots of items you could consider including in your home.

Whilst many of these items can be added into your property once it’s built, if you want to be able to enjoy them without the worry of low signal, then having them installed properly is a great idea. These systems can work in any room of the house and can be controlled by touch screen, remote, the internet, or through a smart device. 

  1. Storage

There’s nothing worse than building a home and realising once its finished that you’ve got no room to store your possessions. When designing your home, it’s a good idea to include storage areas. Nobody wants their home to look cluttered or messy, so having spaces where you can hide non-essential items is key.

We’d all love to be able to build our own home, but it’s often harder than it sounds. Building your own home allows you to really think about what your lifestyle is like and create a design that works for you. If you had the opportunity to build your own home, which of these items would you choose to include? 


Edwardian House, a century-old house by Post Architecture Inc.

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