Seattle Backyard Office by Fivedot

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Project Details:

Type: Residential Architecture

Architect: Fivedot

Location: United States

Address: Seattle

Program: Extension

Year: 2011

Area: 325 sq.ft.

Photographer: Renata Steiner

This backyard office project in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle replaced an existing garage with a functional living room and office. Tucked behind the owner’s traditional bungalow, this modern room provides a retreat from the house and activates the outdoor space between the two buildings. The project houses a small home office as well as an area for watching TV and sitting by the fireplace.

In the summer, both doors open to take advantage of the surrounding deck and patio. With custom casework to accommodate turntables, this small building acts as an office during the day and a social space in the evenings.

Seattle Backyard Office by Fivedot
© Renata Steiner

Questions and Answers

What was the brief?

Our client worked from home and wanted a home office that would also function as a social space during non working hours.

What were the key challenges?

The city would not allow the removal of a parking space so the building needed to be able to function as a garage despite being a fully finished space.

Seattle Backyard Office by Fivedot
© Renata Steiner

What were the solutions?

We sized the building and structured the floor to support a car and provided a garage door to allow access to a car. Even though no one would ever park a car inside, they could, and that satisfied the city.

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