Kew Hues, a recent renovation in New York by BRANDT : HAFERD

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Project Details:

Type: Refurbishment in Architecture| Residential Architecture

Architect: BRANDT : HAFERD

Location: United States

Address: New York City

Program: Apartments

Year: 2019

Area: N/A

Photographer: Miao Jiaxin

The Kew Hues renovation is a one bedroom apartment transformation for a New York– based female radio journalist. The design strategy for the new space centers around the creation of powerful and colorful vignettes – like dioramas – that frame elements of the house, including the inhabitant, and follow a circulation path of spectral diversity. Color, materiality, and new openings are used to heighten a series of domestic “moments.” Each moment highlights a specific color, pattern, or texture that brings a unique energetic and spirited experience to the residence.

Kew Hues, a recent renovation in New York by BRANDT : HAFERD
© Miao Jiaxin

Originally separate, the living space and kitchen area are united by the creation of a new portal, which becomes the focal point of the home. The kitchen space is conceptually centered around this new view opening, which defines a zone that is reinforced by the change of material and the carving of a central cove. A colorful concrete terrazzo countertop is strategically placed directly in the gap between spaces – allowing the playful surface to further unite the two rooms. This dance of color draws the eye up from the lively surface to the focal point of the kitchen – a bright cove of custom color kitchen cabinets that hold the outline of the initial architectural gesture. Together the terrazzo and vibrant custom color (RAL – 3012 . Beige Red Durat) compose and frame an enticing
kitchen – ready for operation.

Kew Hues, a recent renovation in New York by BRANDT : HAFERD
© Miao Jiaxin

Comparatively, the bathroom inverts this strategy, placing a figural, custom vanity element in the center, and carving colorful grotto-like areas to define the outer periphery. Blue terra cotta glazed tiles cover the entire surface of the shower area, dividing the room up visually into three distinct zones that communicate through hues of blue; cleanse, powder, and toilet. The balance provided by white surfaces in contact with the blues evoke an elegantly fresh perception of the private commons which is the restroom.

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