L’OCCITANE Shibuya by AtMa inc.

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Project Details:

Type: Commercial| Interiors

Architect: AtMa inc.

Location: Japan

Address: Shibuya, Tokyo

Program: Restaurant| Retail

Year: 2018

Area: 417.2 sq.m.

Photographer: Shigenori Ishikawa

L’OCCITANE Bouquet de Provence is a renovation project of their flagship store located at Shibuya Crossing, one of the busiest places in Tokyo. For their first-ever collaboration with Pierre Hermé in Japan, the store was transformed into a focal point for beauty and wellness approached from both inside and outside of the body with AtMa’s creative concept, “A bouquet for Shibuya”. The retail space provides high-quality organic products and the kiosk and cafe offer quality food and drinks for well being.

L'OCCITANE Shibuya by AtMa inc.
© Shigenori Ishikawa

The store reflects Tokyo as a city and L’Occitane as a gift from province to Shibuya with two key artworks. One is the main column which is covered by yellow flowers penetrating 1F to 3F to be an icon of the store as a bouquet. The other is the “TOKYO x L’OCCITANE” art piece around the facade window which represents the idea of bringing Tokyo’s skyline into the store.

L'OCCITANE Shibuya by AtMa inc.
© Shigenori Ishikawa

Also AtMa’s reinterpretation of province, “the modern province”,  is found in both the interior and the facade with rich materials, sophisticated colors, and unique design elements.

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Artwork: Ayumi Koyama


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