Four top tips for your first property renovation

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Renovating your first property is an exciting challenge to take on. Whether you want it to be your dream home, or you’ll sell it for profit once the project comes to an end, you’ll want to make sure that you carry out the renovation correctly.

However, if you’ve not done this before, then there is a chance that you’ll still make a few errors that only the most experienced renovators would know how to avoid. So, do your research and see what you’ll need to do in order to avoid making these potentially costly mistakes with your first property renovation. Here are just some of the top tips that you should follow.

Do it yourself

There are a number of tasks for which you’ll need to employ a professional to carry out – such as plumbing and electrical work – but there are other elements that you can take into your own hands. These can include jobs such as wallpapering, fitting skirting boards, grouting and painting. However, if you don’t feel like you have the skills or confidence to do these tasks, don’t try them as it can cost you in the long term if the work needs to be corrected.

Set a realistic budget

It’s a good idea for you to create a list of all the items that you need in order to complete the renovation, as well as how much you want to spend. Look online, visit showrooms and even check catalogues for inspiration when doing your list, so that you can cover everything and won’t have any surprise costs.

Having an estimate for work can be a decent indicator for how much you will spend. For more accurate quotes, you will need to find a trusted professional or company to give you a price – so make sure that you shop around for the lowest quote and then set your budget. You can also look into getting a loan from brands such as the Alternative Bridging Corporation, which can help you to buy everything you need renovate your property.

Work with builders and tradespeople with recommendations

The people who will help you to deliver your home renovation project won’t only be charged with your money and trust – but also with your hopes and dreams. Therefore, it’s important that you work with people who you can rely on, and that you are confident will deliver what you expect.

It may be that you hire someone who has been recommended by a friend who has already done a similar project, and you can look through images and talk about their experience. You might have to wait a while for your chosen professional to be free as they will be in demand, but it will be worth it in the end.

Have a list of negotiable and non-negotiable items

It’s important to know what you will and won’t be prepared to negotiate on, because projects won’t ever go to plan. So, if you need to replace your heating system, for example, then you will need to remove items from your “nice-to-have” list. If you have already outlined your priorities, then this will help you to deal with any project upheavals.


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