Ryokan Kishi-Ke by G architects

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Project Details:

Type: Hospitality

Architect: G architects

Location: Japan

Address: 21-5 Sakanoshita248-0021 KamakuraKanagawa

Program: Hotels| Restaurant

Year: N/A

Area: N/A

Photographer: Daisuke Shima| Hitomi Kishi| Sukeyasu Yamaguchi

In everyday life, it is hard to focus on yourself, on your life, on the present. By changing the environment, you are able to focus on the now and notice new things about yourself. Chisoku is not only about the satisfaction itself but also it is about realization and accepting where you are in your life“- explains Shoshun Takai (the former head of the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan).

Front View
Front View Photograph © Sukeyasu Yamaguchi


Chisoku is a Zen concept which means ‘to know the feeling of being fulfilled with the now’. From the Buddhism shojin cuisine breakfast to various cultural workshops and experiences everything in modern ryokan kishi-ke is there to bring the guests closer to the feeling of chisoku.

Focus on now. Feel the seasons, the people, the change.
Learn how to find chisoku in your daily life.

Side View
Side View Photograph © Daisuke Shima


Nobuyuki Kishi is a descendant of a samurai family from Okayama and since 2016 he is also the 16th head of the family.

During my career, I met many stressed and burnout people. I’d started to think if there was a way to help them. Then I remembered the Zen concept I was taught by my late grandfather – the chisoku. The goal of kishi-ke is to help people through this concept to achieve inner harmony by mindfulness. The kishi-ke modern ryokan is not only mine but it is a place shaped by the thoughts of everyone of the Kishi family.” – Nobuyuki says.

Ryokan Kishi-Ke by G architects
Photograph © Daisuke Shima


STAY & EXPERIENCE kishi-ke is an escape from daily life. By immersion in Japanese culture guests experience something exclusive. Traditional materials, outstanding design, ocean view, private zen garden, wabi-sabi, history – everything to find inspiration, stimulus – to find chisoku.

We believe the luxury is not about the money spent, it is more about how people feel, whether they can grasp the feeling of fulfillment with the moment, escape their everyday lives.

Ryokan Kishi-Ke by G architects
Photograph © Daisuke Shima

Washitsu – the heart of our ryokan. The place where the guests enjoy the food, the cultural experiences and activities. The view of the ocean and pine trees from the panoramic window at one side and the view of the Japanese garden on the other side.

Ryokan Kishi-Ke by G architects

We believe that sleeping is very important and we made a lot of effort to embrace this zen spirit in the bedroom. The best mattresses, beddings, simplicity

Ryokan Kishi-Ke by G architects
Photograph © Sukeyasu Yamaguchi

The highest class hinoki bath, pottery, bowls, tools, antique vases, traditional decorations – everything is one of a kind and many things are made by the masters for kishi-ke.


Wabi-sabi is the concept which means the appreciation of things as they are – with cracks, rust, simplicity and seeing the beauty in them. It is deeply connected to the chisoku.

With this concept in our minds, we have selected things, furniture , elements in kishi-ke. Crafted, designed products made by the best Japanese masters. Exceptional things of one of their kind.

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