Guaecá I House by AMZ Arquitetos

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Project Details:

Type: Residential Architecture

Architect: AMZ Arquitetos

Location: Brazil

Address: São Sebastião

Program: Houses

Year: 2013

Area: 250 sq.m.

Photographer: Maíra Acayaba

Text provided by the architects

The Guaeca house is located at the seaside, on the northern coast of Sao Paulo, in a gated community where wide grassy streets connect the lots to the beach.

Guaecá I House by AMZ Arquitetos
Photograph © Maíra Acayaba

On the ground floor, social areas are distributed through an integrated space and a closed block contains the service and barbecue areas. The second floor holds four suites and a family room.

The house was built with a prefabricated wooden structure. The modulation of this structure determines the spaces and is also reflected on the facade, composed of masonry panels, glass and flap wood shutters.

Guaecá I House by AMZ Arquitetos
Photograph © Maíra Acayaba

The roof is flat at the ends and has a slope in the center that allows hot air to escape and natural light to illuminate the central corridor.

This sloped part of the roof also directs solar panels in the correct orientation and covers the boilers, equipments and water tanks.

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