Wood, Metal or Stainless Steel – How Materials Change the Surroundings

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When it comes to décor, whether we talk about home décor or commercial décor, then the materials used has a significant impact on the ambiance. For instance, wooden furniture gives more of an earthy vibe (check out this little Tokyo restaurant in LA for inspiration), while on the other hand, metallic furniture can be used to give a place a modern and chic look. In this blog, we will discuss how different materials influence décor. 

Wood, Metal or Stainless Steel - How Materials Change the Surroundings

Wooden Furniture

Wood has been used as the primary furniture material for centuries, and it remains a classic to this date. This is because it can easily increase the charm and aura of a room whether you use pieces with rich darker hues or lighter hues. This kind of furniture can also be used to create a man-made natural ecosystem within a concrete establishment to give the place a touch of nature. This is also a big reason why wooden furniture is used to infuse warmth in bland restaurant surroundings.  

If your restaurant is lacking that ”X factor”, then you can consider adding solid wood restaurant chairs and tables to the place. You can also try to incorporate wood in other forms as well for even better results. 


Most restaurants buy plastic furniture because it’s less expensive, easy to clean, and lightweight. However, what kind of impact does this furniture has on the décor? The truth is that the furniture is available in both traditional and modern designs, and you can use the latter to give your place a modern appeal. Of course, you need to know the fundamentals of restaurant design and interior layout first. 

One thing that you need to know about plastic furniture is that it can be rather cold and uninviting in certain establishments. If the chairs don’t have cushions, then the guests can have an uncomfortable dining experience, especially when they come for elaborate meals that have more than a few courses. 

Metal or Stainless Steel

Metal is easily the toughest material to use for restaurant furniture. It can also be cheaper than wooden furniture which is why many establishments have a penchant for this material, although it’s all about how you weigh the pros and cons against each other. 

If we talk strictly about the décor impact of metal furniture, then it usually gives a place a contemporary feel. This is why many luxury restaurants and hotels use this material. If you are running a bistro or café, then also you can consider using metal chairs and tables. 

So, there you have it- the most common furniture materials that are used in different kinds of dining establishments today. You can choose any particular one or multiple in combinations as you see fit. Have fun, and good luck!


The Klotski Building by Graham Baba Architects

Portland Playhouse by SERA Architects