How to Create a Timeless Interior Design

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Many people make the blunder of following popular interior design trends, which can lead to their properties becoming quickly outdated. It is, therefore, important to choose décor that will stand the test of time and will ensure you don’t need to constantly update your home.

To develop a breath-taking property that will make you feel happy to be home, find out how to create a timeless interior design.

A Blank Canvas

White is a classic color that never goes out of style and will provide your property with a blank canvas, so it can be tweaked and changed to complement your artwork, furniture styles, and furnishings.

If you want to create a light, bright home that can complement a modern architectural style, cool white paint can be the perfect pick. However, if you want to add warmth to your décor, you should choose a warm white to make a room appear more inviting.

KNOF design creates spectacular 360° Sunrise-Sunset Penthouse in Sofia
Sunrise-Sunset Penthouse, Sofia by KNOF – Photograph © Assen Emilov

An Open-Plan Design

Open-plan living can help homeowners to create a beautiful, unified interior design. For example, you should use the same flooring, lighting, color scheme and furniture styles to complement the property’s architectural design, which can harmonize every room throughout the home.

Stick with Metallic Finishes

Add a touch of sophistication and style into your property by incorporating metallic finishes, such as:

  • Chrome 
  • Rose gold
  • Stainless steel 
  • Copper

The lifelong appeal will ensure you don’t need to regularly replace your lamps, vases, fixtures and other accessories in the near future. Plus, the accents offer a modern, rustic look that can add character, texture and color into a space.

Install a Complementary Radiator

The radiators you choose can make or break your interior design. To create a home that offers an everlasting appeal and can adapt to your interior design changes, you should select a style that can complement traditional and modern décor. To find the right option for your home and taste, visit to view their timeless eskimo radiators.

Focus on Creating Symmetry

Rather than spending your days browsing the latest interior design trends, you should focus on creating symmetry in rooms across your home. It is an effective way to add balance into a space, which will make a room more pleasant to look at each day and it will capture your guests’ attention. 

To add symmetry, you may need to double up on items in each room. For example, add two bedside tables to flank your bed, which should each feature identical lamps. Creating a mirror image will dictate a person’s eye when in a room while helping to highlight a stunning focal point, such as an elegant chandelier.

Hide Out House, Los Angeles by Dan Brunn Architecture
The Living Room, The Hide Out House – Photograph © Brandon Shigeta

Modernize a Room with Art

It is possible to create a timeless yet modern home. Instead of following fleeting interior trends, you should incorporate contemporary art into the space, which can add intrigue, vibrancy and texture into your décor. It will also express both your personality and taste, which will ensure your property oozes sophistication, style, and character. 

Incorporate Various Natural Materials

Natural materials are not only rustic and timeless, but they will wear well with each passing year, so you will not need to worry about them looking worn and unkempt over time. So, opt for hardwood flooring, unlacquered brass, honed marble or brushed limestone to create an ageless property, which will blow your guests away when they step inside your home.


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