OOPEAA wins Finlandia Prize for Architecture for their Puukuokka high-rise residential building

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Puukuokka Housing Block

OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture based in Seinäjoki, Finland won this year Finlandia Prize for Architecture for their Puukuokka Housing Block.

The building is energy-efficient trio of multi-story timber-framed flats. It includes three 6-8 story blocks and 150 flats with a combined floor area of aprox. 10,000 m2. The project is phased in three parts, first one finished in 2014 and the next two will be delivered in 2016.

Puukuokka Housing Block

Puukuokka offers also a low-cost, low-risk funding alternative for homebuyers. After renting a flat for 20 years, the occupant becomes its owner.

Puukuokka Housing Block

The prize was accepted by the building’s chief designer architect Anssi Lassila on 23 September 2015.

Composer Kaija Saariaho explained her choice:

I selected Puukuokka as it represents things that I myself value both in architecture and life. It is a bold and ambitious piece of work that seeks to explore something new, aim for the human, develop ecological concepts and improve the quality of life.

Puukuokka appeals to me intuitively and is consistent with my own pursuits and values. A visit to one of the apartments and the superiority of a wood-clad dwelling – especially in terms of acoustics and comfort – convinced me. I could sense the welcoming atmosphere when entering the home. The large windows of the spacious staircase offer a view of a forest landscape in several directions. Puukuokka is the building that I enjoyed most with all my senses.


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